April 2023

Traffic Model Verification Note 2022

Further to the A5WTC public consultation exercises undertaken since March 2022, a number of representations received have made reference to the impact of Covid-19 on predicted traffic flows along the A5WTC corridor. Traffic surveys were undertaken by the Department’s Contractor from the 12th September until the 2nd October 2022 to inform post covid model verification. The associated survey data was received for analysis on the 26th October, initial data analysis was completed and clarification queries were raised with the contractor on 4th November. The  final data was received from the contractor on the 14th November and the preliminary results of the analysis completed by the 22nd November.  The initial draft of the 2022 Model Verification Note was subsequently completed in late January 2023, and the final version is now available for release as part of the Department’s consultation responses. 

 The Department had originally envisaged to release this information as part of the OBC 2022. However in light of the above mentioned representations, the Department has decided to release this memo in parallel with its responses being issued. This note will still form part of the OBC 2022 appendices when it is released.

The note is available to view or download in the documents tab below: