June 2020

Public Inquiry – Additional Information & Consultation

During the Public Inquiry of February and March of 2020 the Commissioner requested additional information from the Department as follows:

  • The allocation of funds to the Executive and the Department’s budget for the A5WTC scheme, when known, in the new Budget period;
  • A Review of ‘Risk 9’ identified in the Department’s project Risk Register, in light of the new Budget allocation; and
  • Any new findings on the January 2005 2+1 Overtaking Opportunities Report.


The Department has now responded with a paper addressing these points. This paper, with appendices, can be found under the documents section at the bottom of the page:

  • A5 Western Transport Corridor Public Inquiry
  • Appendix A Hansard Report 29 April 2020
  • Appendix B Written Ministerial Statement 10 June 2020
  • Appendix C 2017-05-22 A5WTC RR v3.0 - Risk Ref 9
  • Appendix D 2017-05-22 A5WTC RR v3.0 - Risk Ref 9 Updated
  • Appendix E New Decade, New Approach Pg 52 & 59
  • Appendix F Assembly Questions
  • Appendix G Western Division Overtaking Opportunities 2005


The Commissioner also advised that should anyone wish to provide comment on the Department’s response, they should do so in writing to:


A5WTC Public Inquiry,

Planning Appeals Commission,

Park House,

87-91 Great Victoria Street, Belfast,



or email info@pacni.gov.uk,


All comments must be received by 4pm on Friday 3rd July 2020.