March 2016

Public Exhibitions

In early March 2016 the Department held a series of Public Exhibitions at the locations below:

  • Tuesday 1st March 2016 – Everglades Hotel
  • Wednesday 2nd March 2016 – Silverbirch Hotel
  • Thursday 3rd March 2016 – Fir Trees Hotel
  • Friday 4th March 2016 – Smyth Memorial Hall


The aims and objectives of the Exhibitions were to:

  • Present the Proposed Scheme 2016 and draft Orders
  • Explain the changes that have taken place since 2010 to comply with current engineering and  environmental standards and agreed commitments from the 2011 Public Inquiries
  • Explain the assessment and consultation process under the Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitats Directive associated with Special Areas of Conservation and internationally designated sites
  • Highlight the key factors which have influenced the choice of the Proposed Scheme 2016
  • Explain the direct or indirect effects the Proposed Scheme 2016 will have on property, the community and the environment
  • Detail the next steps in the scheme development process
  • Increase public awareness of the scheme
  • Engage with a range of stakeholders


The information that was presented at these exhibitions is available to download below and the scheme flythroughs are available to view on Flythroughs-Proposed-Scheme-2016