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Ground Investigation Exploratory Logs

Ground conditions have a significant influence on the planning, design and construction of civil engineering projects. The strength, depth and nature of the rocks and soils have a major impact on the foundations for structures and the slope and width of the earthworks. The re-usability of excavated material is also an important factor in determining an Earthworks Strategy for the Proposed Scheme. All of these factors affect the required land take as well as the project economics and environmental impacts.

Types of Ground Investigation

The main exploration techniques include Boreholes, Trial Pits and Window Sampling. For further information on the aforementioned methods of exploration, please refer to ‘Ground Investigation Works’ leaflet.

Ground Investigation Information

The geographical locations and associated logs of the exploratory holes undertaken for the Ground Investigation are available to view and download via the interactive map located HERE. You will be prompted to use the address search facility to find an area of interest.

The preliminary logs for the Ground Investigation, Phases 1 to 3, are currently accessible and Phase 4 logs will be uploaded when they become available. When logs are finalised the PRELIMINARY label will be removed.

The GI data is made available by DRD Roads Service who cannot accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the data provided, nor for how the data is interpreted or used by users of the web site. Users should note that the information on the A5WTC site will be updated as new data becomes available.